Common Components in Your RV That Break Down

November 22, 2018 | recreational vehicle components ontario | By admin | 0 Comments

If you own an RV, this vehicle provides many great trips that you certainly enjoy making, but at some point those adventures are bound to come to a halt as mechanical failures and part wear and tear occurs. It’s all a normal part of RV ownership and luckily most problems are easy to repair if you have the right recreational vehicle components ontario on hand.

Some problems occur more frequently than others, as anyone who’s owned an RV for any length of time can tell you. Some of the most common problems that RV owners experience with their vehicles include:

·    Worn Shower Seals & Door Sweeps: The shower is one of the most frequently used items in the RV, so you should anticipate problems, particularly with worn seals and sweeps. These issues may affect the ability to open/close the door. Replace them if you notice that water is leaking or there is rust or other signs of damage.

·    Holding Tanks/Components: The holding tanks support the plumbing system in the RV and holds wash water, and blackwater. It is important that the holding tank and its components be free of damage to prevent problems that could cause contamination and sanitation issues.

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·    Weather Seals:  When weather seals go bad, there is bound to be trouble. Luckily, this is an easy repair most RV owners are capable of making as long as the right parts are in hand.

·    Electric Generators: The generator in your RV has many components that work hard to provide energy to the many items inside the motorhome. They can wear out at any time. Prolong their life expectancy by putting the RV in storage when it’s not in use and keeping it oiled every three months or so.